About Acoustic Treatment

Acoustic Treatment to Reduce Noise Effectively


Fifty years ago, it was still easy to find truly quiet places. Nowadays, even if you travel to Australia's most distant regions, if you listen carefully, you'll still discern the noise of faraway traffic. It may be reduced to just a hum, but still, it's there. In the distance, a train may rumble by, or a plane with heavy-duty engines may fly overhead. Noise surrounds us, and it is getting louder every day. The industry grows while residential areas and woodlands gradually disappear.


The consequences of noise pollution


Noise pollution is increasing daily and continues through the night as well. It decreases both our physical and mental rest. This affects our children's health and our own.

Noise effects on our health:

  • Heavy materials such as concrete and masonry are highly effective for acoustic insulation. They block sound by deflection. Doubling their surface mass will improve the acoustic insulation by as much as 6dB.
  • Even better is a double-panelled partition wall. The wall's panels should be divided by a space or opening. Good acoustic insulation that minimises sound transfer l deflect will deflect noise to be sent back to where it originated. Consequently, sound insulating materials are traditionally dense and airtight.


Materials which improve acoustic absorption


Sound Absorbent products will reduce the ability of sound to transmit through a surface by absorbing it and converting the sound energy to heat. Acoustic absorption occurs when sound encounters a material which transfers any air particles into heat. This causes the sound to disappear partially or even entirely. Sound absorbing materials have a low weight and open construction.


Sound absorption can be achieved:

  • increased heart rate,
  • high blood pressure,
  • digestion problems,
  • sleeping disorders,,
  • decreasing attention and concentration problems,
  • headaches and migraine,
  • ulcers, in the case of long-term exposure, and
  • pneumothorax.


Improved Sound Insulation with Acoustic Treatment to Protect your health


Your existing walls and ceilings will only offer you so much protection against noise coming from outside your home or workplace. Consider an acoustic treatment by Australian Plaster Acoustics. Our products are developed and designed, based on our extensive know-how in the field of plaster acoustics and noise reduction.

  • If you have a high ceiling, placing a suspended ceiling underneath will make a considerable difference.
  • Replacing existing plasterboard with perforated panels or Quiet Sound tiles may significantly improve noise reduction.
  • In much the same way, installing an acoustic panel wall will result in a much higher noise reduction factor (NRC).

Reduce your stress at work and ensure physical and mental rest at home thanks to the easy-to- install acoustic treatment offered by Australian Plaster Acoustics.


Tip: Acoustic design will achieve its optimum and most cost effective potential when it is considered early in concept or masterplanning stage. The sooner an acoustic engineer is engaged, the higher your chances of avoiding costly retrofit solutions.