Darwin High School

Acoustic excellence at Darwin

The Northern Territory Government recently worked on an extensive project with long-term CSR Gyprock customer and Australian Plaster Acoustics, to help solve a recurring issue with failing ceiling systems.

This project was considerably large in scale, replacing approximately 3000 square metres of ceilings in the administration building of the high school, all whilst working with a limited time frame during mid-term school holidays.

There was a need to manage the sound reverberation and reduction of noise within the learning environments at Darwin High School, so an acoustic ceiling tile was a necessary inclusion

- Mark Taylor | Director of Buildings Maintenance and Minor Works, Northern Territory Government.-

The Solution

Australian Plaster Acoustics put forward the high quality Shadex option of custom made ceiling tiles - a 600mm x 600mm acoustic bespoke ceiling tile made with Gyprock Casting Plaster – a grit free speciality plaster that produces a strong moulded product with a clean cast face.

Incorporating a 3D grid pattern of tiny square blocks randomly aligned on the tile, Shadex provides a rigid, faceted diamond appearance once installed.

I wanted to ensure that the ceiling tiles created were unique in style, aesthetically pleasing and most importantly, offered excellent sound absorption capabilities”

- Roger Bailey | Australian Plaster Acoustics -

The Shadex design offered an attractive ceiling solution with the highest acoustic rating possible to reduce noise transfer and sound reverberation in crucial learning environments. The Northern Territory Government is extremely pleased with the successful outcome and innovative product delivered by Australian Plaster Acoustics, with the refurbished ceiling improving the overall performance of the administration space.

Product Description

Shadex is a durable, easily installed, lightweight plaster acoustic tile installed at Darwin Public School.
This tile is insulated with a 20mm thick sound absorbent batt, offering excellent noise reduction properties.


1. Dimensionally stable will not warp or buckle
2. Not affected by humidity
3. Fire resistant
4. Acoustic properties
5. Redecoration does not affect the properties
6. Easy removal and replacement

To be used in conjuction with exposed ceiling grid: 24 mm T Bar steel or aluminum 600 x 600 system.

Product Specifications

Tile Name: Shadex

Collection: Lightweight

Thickness (mm): 30

Size(mm): 600 x 600

CAC: 32/36¹ 32/36²

R Value: 0.80

NRC: 0.70¹ 0.65²

% light reflective: 0.73

Mass (Kg/sqm):12.20

Edge Finish: Bevelled

Fixing: Exposed Grid

Fiberglass insulation batt – 32Kg/cu.m, 20mm thick Glasswool/Polyester
¹Glasswool ²Polyester – further test pending