Acoustic tile portfolio

Applicable to both commercial and residential applications.

Commercial Applications

Our portfolio in various industries .

  • Education

    • Poor acoustics can have a detrimental effect upon students academic performance and teachers vocal health. This makes acoustics fundamentally important to learning environments.

    • Universities
    • Schools
    • Colleges
    • Child Care facilites
    • Training facilities

  • Hospitality

    • In the hospitality industry, excessive noise levels can harm your bottom line. High noise level affects service as wait staff struggle to hear orders, patrons struggle to enjoy conversations.

    • Restaurants
    • Cafeterias
    • Kitchens
    • Clubs/Pubs
    • Hotels

  • Government

    • Public spaces are meant to improve the ammenity of the area for the community, however with poor acoustic design, quality of life, health, comfort and productivity are reduced.

    • Art Galleries
    • Librarys
    • Swimming pools
    • Hospitals
    • Court Rooms

  • Commercial

    • The importance of good acoustics in an office environment is vital, especially when open plan spaces are common place. Workers productivity, stress and satisfaction can be affected.

    • Offices
    • Churches / Places of worship
    • Functions Centres
    • Shopping Centres
    • Theatres/Cinemas

Residential Applications

    • Soundproofing the home environment has now become more common as problems with high volume noise as a result of surround sound systems and the latest audio visual technology become more popular in homes of today. Perhaps you are a professial musician and need a place to rehearse without disturbing your neighbours in your home music studio? What ever your needs, we have the solution for you.

    • Home Theatre
    • Home Music studios

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Plaster Acoustic Collection (drop in)
Craftstone Collection
Plaster Acoustic Collection (screw up)
New York Collection
Star City
Star City Casino
Star Installation
University of NSW
University of NSW
Custom Installation
Charles Darwin University
Hush Installation
University of NSW
Stamford Hotel, Sydney
Cell Air Installation
University of NSW
High Court of Australia, Canberra
Justice Installation
Darwin Public School
Shadex Installation
Kings Grove RSL
Random Installation
Santa Sabina Girls College
Eco Check Installation
LDS Church Lani, Fiji
Random Installation
New Parliament House, Canberra
Custom Installation