Ceil Sound

Ceil Sound Acoustic Panel

ceil sound - sound absorbtion panels

A plaster acoustic panel with 10mm square hole perforated plasterglass with a half round intesecting indent into each square. Pattern is arranged in a grid of 4 per panel, forming a continous pattern when joined. The perimeter band 65mm

Ceil Sound provides a subtle, innovative solution for creating a unique decorative finish while providing a high level of sound absorption for ceilings and walls.


1. Full acoustic perforations
2. Simple installation screw fix to steel or timber battens
3. Flush jointing
4. Precise lines
5. Three unique and innovative designs


• High sound absorption with NRC up to 0.85
• Reduces noise reverberation
• Unique and innovative designs which can only be achieved with cast plaster
• Prevents dust entering into room space
• Reduces echo
• Able to help to distinguish between music and speech

Graph 1: Test Results with 50mm 32Kg/m2 Glasswool

ceil sound absorbtion

Graph 1: Sound Absorption Coefficients of Bailey Interiors Ceil Sound Panel 1200mm x 1200mm Perforated Plaster Ceiling Panels with 50mm thick 32kg/m3 Glasswool installed to rear of panels tested with a 400mm air gap.

Graph 2: Test Results with Black Acoustic Fabric

ceil sound absorbtion

Graph 2: Sound Absorption Coefficients of Bailey Interiors Ceil Sound Drop In Suspended 600mm x 600mm Perforated Plaster Ceiling Tiles with Sorbertextile P44FR stapled to rear of the tiles and tested with a 400mm air gap.

Product Specifications

Panel Name: Ceil Sound

Collection: New York

Thickness (mm): 13

Thickness of Insulation (mm): 2~ or 50*

Size(mm): 1200 x 1200

NRC: 0.60~ / 0.85*

Mass (Kg/sqm): 9.2


~Black Acoustic Fabric
*50mm 32Kg/m2 Glasswool/Polyester

All tiles and panels are supplied without insulation or acoustic backing as standard.

Acoustic tests shown here are examples of what can be achieved for NRC using different insulation methods.

Download Ceiling Installation Guide Here

Download Wall Installation Guide Here