About The Company

Australian Plaster Acoustics is a global leader in plaster acoustic tiles and panels. Australian owned and operated, our products are of the highest quality, made locally from natural gypsum.


Our tiles and panels achieve exceptionally high CAC and NRC ratings, making them ideal for offices, educational institutions and hospitality.

Cost Effective

Cost effective ceiling and wall solutions

High Quality

With over 70 years experience, we deliver unrivalled quality and a proven track record.

High Humidity

Our tiles do not sag in humid conditions. They can withstand high humidity and temperatures


Our tiles are painted with anti mould paint at the time of manufacture which stops growth of mould.

High Acoustic Performance

All products have been tested with NRC ranges between 0.55 to 0.85.

Simple Installation

Choose between an exposed grid ceiling system or a fully concealed, direct fixing system.

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We Manufacture Innovative Plaster Acoustic Tiles with unrivalled performance

It showcases Australia’s Plaster Acoustic tile manufacturing facility at Bailey Interiors and features the latest, innovative plaster tile manufacturing process.

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